Christian Support for single women is a fun time for single women to get together on the last Saturday of the month. Its is a social event  where you can increase your circle of friends. For example,we go for day trips to different areas in Scotland, sight seeing, walking, picnics, week ends away, or it can be the evening, where  we go to the pictures, Eden court, roller bowl,meals out in Inverness. Its where its safe to share your concerns, ask advice and get prayer support and feel loved for who you are. We meet in January where all come along to contribute to what would be fun to do for the year ahead.Everyone then receives a list on what was decided for the year outings.

Contact Maryann Chisholm 07811539303 or Myra MacNab 07788778493 for current events.

Meets Sunday mornings @ The Factory

For someone to walk into a church for the first time is an incredibly brave thing to do, and this may also be true for those on the periphery of church.  They may not know anyone, they won’t know what format the church has, don’t know about the kids work or any number of different things… and it is our role in the connections team to be there for those people… to give them a friendly face and a warm welcome… to help them connect.

If this is a team you feel you would like further information on or could be a part of, please contact Fiona on 01463 792700.