Structure, Governance and Management

There are currently six elders. They are appointed in accordance with The Fellowship's Constitution. Their primary responsibilities are governmental. Also, there is a Ministry Team which takes on the functional role of ministry, covering eleven areas, to ensure that the objectives of The King's Fellowship are pursued and accomplished. The area leaders are appointed by, and overseen by the elders.

Risk Management

The elders have developed a risk management strategy which comprises:

  • An annual review of the risks that the fellowship may face;
  • The establishment of systems and procedures to mitigate those risks identified in the plan; and
  • The implementation of procedures designed to minimise any potential impact on the fellowship should those risks materialise.

Analysis has identified a number of risks that has resulted in better emergency procedures and contingency plans. Particular attention has focussed on non-financial risks arising from fire, health and safety, food hygiene and ministry to children and vulnerable people. All members who take part in any ministry to children or vulnerable people are screened through Disclosure Scotland.

A key element in the management of financial risk is the setting of an annual budget which covers projected income, and all areas of ministry expenditure. This budget is monitored against actual income and expenditure, and is reviewed by the Elders and Ministry Team on a monthly basis.