Our church leadership structure can be seen from two angles, Eldership and Leadership Team, and is modeled after that of the family.

Eldership has responsibility for governance, oversight and general care for the church. They are ultimately responsible for the actions of the church legally, financially, pastorally, etc. Elders function as the heads of the household. Eldership Couples function as husbands, wives, fathers and mothers.

Our Ministry Team is Functional in nature, as a family should be, different people having different roles and responsibilities. These people lead, envision, initiate, administrate, etc. We identify various people in the family that are able to do different things well - they also encourage others in the family to do these things with them.


The Trustees of the King's Fellowship SCIO are:

Ed Paterson - Chairman
Douglas Seago - Secretary
Gareth Jones - Treasurer
Elaine Webster
Chris Dowling

The role of the Trustees is to hold the Eldership to account for the vision and budget which are both set by the Elders. The Trustees are responsible for keeping the charity both legal and solvent. The Trustees are apoointed by Trustees and meet approximately 4 times a year.